Preserving the Old Ways with New Means.

Pantry Bear is your local resource for foodstuff that’s built to last. We procure resilient goods based on our proprietary scorecard designed to balance ethical trade practice, collective carbon impacts, and local economic resiliency, resulting (we hope) in transparent food systems that lead to a sort of cumulative sovereignty across cultural and social divides. Wow! What the heck does that all mean and how does a turmeric stained bear think she can change the world?


She strives to source packaged and raw goods from suppliers that trade evenly with their farming network while actively campaigning against exploitative labor conditions. 
This means (to us) that cultivators and producers gain revenue in proportion to their inputs while brokers and non-value add merchants are prohibited from exploiting antiquated and imbalanced systems of international arbitrage.
We further prefer to procure from small, independently owned business run by traditionally marginalized voices.



Tracing the total carbon footprint of a supply chain isn’t impossible, but it is still impractical.  Pantry Bear scores her brands based on pragmatic matrices.            
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