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    Do you just love PANTRY BEAR? From T-shirts to mugs, we've got durable and sustainable branded items for you to show off your PB love. If you're looking for the latest PB branded swag, be sure to come back often to see what's new!

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  • PB's Promise

    We're all about organic products, fair trade procurement, ethical supply chains, and limiting the carbon impact of the good things we love to eat and drink. Pantry Bear promises to forage for high quality consumer goods made by locals with local resources.

  • Buy Local. Be Local.

    Pantry Bear is dedicated to finding the best locally made products for Northern Colorado. Bear's Choice is a curated selection of Colorado-made products for Colorado shoppers. We offer local delivery and curbside pickup, too!

    Bear's Choice 
  • The Sleuth

    PB's locally made products preserve farm fresh ingredients. We forage for the best, bringing together our community of food. Every day, we work to connect local brands and create value out of the unseen.

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The Bear Necessities

All Goods

All Goods

Pantry Bear makes good food available from A to Z.  If we... 



Discover curated organic products for your pantry and feel good about your... 

Preserving the old ways with new means.

Pantry Bear is reinventing the ways we plan, prepare, and preserve what feeds us. We are obsessed with being your local champion for sourcing high-quality foodstuffs; balancing the ethical, ecological, and local impact of your daily staples; spices, dried herbs & vegetables, functional mushrooms, perennial grains, beans, nuts, seeds, salts, sugars, syrups, honeys, cocoas, coffees, teas, oils, vinegars, extracts, concentrates, and ferments.   

Bear's Choice